Goran Jurić

Free eBook on configuring a mail server with Postfix

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Today I finally managed to release a first public version of a book I have been working on for a while.

If you ever wanted to build a mail server but all the tutorials and howtos on the internet where too vague or old, this is a book for you.  It will guide you through the setup of a complete email server on a latest Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) distribution. I tried to go beyond just listing steps needed to get a working email server online. Hopefully this book explains a little bit more about the why and not just how.

As everything else in life, this book is a work in progress and I would really appreciate all the feedback I could get. Both positive and negative. I have tried to give credit, where credit is due, but there is always a chance I missed to attribute somebody for the work they did. Don’t hesitate to point that out.

The book was written in Docbook 5.0 format and when my free time allows it I will try to explain a little bit more about the whole process because finding tried and tested information about myriad of choices and tools in the Docbook publishing chain proved to be a not so easy task.

I hope you will enjoy reading Building a mail server on Debian 6.0.