Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

1.1. Why Postfix
1.2. Why Debian
1.3. Sofware used
1.4. Required knowledge

1.1. Why Postfix

Most of you know that there are a number of different distributions and mail transfer agents that could be used to build an equally capable mail server.

The only other mail server I had experience working on is build on CentOS and it is called Qmail Toaster. Qmail Toaster has a lot of strengths. It is a ready made software library which you can install and the installer will take care of setting up a bunch of different programs and utilities that are needed for a mail server.

On the other hand, from what I have seen, it has it's share of quirks and the biggest one for me is that it uses Qmail. Qmail is not a bad MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) but it is not being actively developed for years and a lot of the functionality is provided through patches.

Postfix is on the other hand an actively developed project and all of the requirements a modern mail server could have are either present in Postfix itself or they can be provided through other applications.